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<Forza>Hi! I saw a new Debian/Hurd release. Does it mean some major improvements were made to Hurd itself?
<janneke>Forza: depending on what version you're at right now, at least there now is rumpdisk support
<Forza>Hi janneke. I only tested Hurd several years ago. The website doesn't seem to have much info later than about 2016, that's why I asked
<janneke>Forza: right; so if you're lucky, the Hurd now runs on real iron; it runs on my thinkpad x60 (using wired internet)
<janneke>Forza: you may have missed:
<janneke>(or better: may want to read)
<Forza>I saw the headline, but didn't read the mailing list entry. Seems quite some fixes have come. That's great :)
<Forza>The project really ought to have a bit more life to the website to encourage people.
<Forza>Might have a go at running it in libvirt/qemu
<Forza>Oh, startx works alright