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<damo22>hey VedantT
<damo22>did you see my patches on the mailing list?
<VedantT>I followed the instructions exactly as you specified
<VedantT>Currently I am just completing my local tree then I will start building soon
<VedantT>I am following your 2021 patch and the rust 1.3.0 patch
<damo22>that is good, but remember we want to ideally port this to latest rust
<VedantT>yes since there have been many changes to master I would need to figure out how to place the required additions correctly
<damo22>it may be different yes
<VedantT>youpi1 mentioned that some parts utilized in the and other files were the same even though the structure has been changed. In addition, I should essentially base my changes following the files for freebsd throughout libc?
<damo22>no i used bsd/ files because i was lazy
<damo22>you need to check and they are most likely incorrect
<damo22>but something like that needs to be written
<damo22>however i dont know if that changed in later versions of rust, maybe its gone
<damo22>i have given you a lot to start with, maybe if youre unfamiliar, just familiarise yourself with the codebase that i have already sent you and try to build it
<VedantT>Sure essentially defines the metadata that a file contains but what is the function for
<VedantT>does it just contain the aliases and attributes for the specified OS?
<damo22>dont worry too much about even if you delete it and remove its reference you will see compiler errors and why i included it
<damo22>try to get a working development environment and let it build, it needs to compile llvm which takes a while