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<damo22>youpi: where is the hurd bug tracker? i dont think ive even seen it
<damo22>there is device eth0, base addr: 0
<damo22>Illegal instruction
<damo22>^ that is the message when netdde crashes
<damo22>without the semaphore
<damo22>let me try rebuilding netdde.static from scratch
<azeem>damo22: I think it's this one:
<damo22>thanks azeem
<damo22>nope, definitely the testing i did was accurate
<damo22>youpi: what if an interrupt triggers before the mach server loop is running, would that cause a crash?
<damo22>since device_intr_register() is already called by then, it can start receiving interrupts but the server loop isnt ready to receive them (?)
<damo22>the handler doesnt actually exist until the server loop is spawned?