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<damo22>can someone please review this
<damo22>we need irqhelp to be working and merged
<damo22>ok when i recompiled netdde.static properly this time, it segfaulted
<damo22>there is device dummy0, base addr: 0
<damo22>there is device eth0, base addr: 0
<damo22>Segmentation fault
<damo22>/hurd/crash: /hurd/netdde.static(748) crashed, signal {no:11, code:1, error:1}, exception {1, code:1, subcode:519234018}, PCs: {0x81f9c1c, 0x81f9c1c, 0x81b3b0d, 0x81b3b0d, 0x81b3b0d, 0x81b3b0d, 0x81b3b0d, 0x81f9c1c, 0xffd9e7}, writing core file.
<damo22>youpi: after device_intr_register returns, is it okay to launch the server loop after that without a semaphore?
<damo22>why did we need a semaphore before
<damo22>is device_intr_register supposed to be called in the interrupt thread?
<damo22>ok i think i worked it out
<damo22><6>e1000e: eth0 NIC Link is Up 1000 Mbps Full Duplex, Flow Control: RX/TX
<damo22><3>0000:00:02.0: eth0: Unable to allocate interrupt, Error: -16
<damo22>linux_to_mach_error: unknown code -100
<damo22>it works the first time but ifdown does not release the irq and ifup then fails
<damo22>i could force it to release if it already exists
<damo22>when it tries to register again
<gnu_srs>fftgv nbhbnm,ยท4122qazsx nm,0,