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<damo22>youpi: i must have missed this review:
<damo22>i can work on that no
<damo22>damn, i refactored libirqhelp and made libddekit use it, and now netdde.static seems to hang upon *registering* the handler
<damo22> but only when there is a shared irq
<damo22>smells like a gnumach bug
<gabber>going through the basic ipc tutorial i run into a gcc warning: implicit declaration of function mach_port_allocate. this function indeed only occurs in mach's repo in include/mach/mach_port.defs. (how) can i convert this MIG/Matchmaker file into a C style header?
<gabber>nvm, figured that part out.. i'm still unable to send/receive message through my own port though