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<damo22>i am getting "ehci1: can't map memory space" or something like that on my T500 but it works in qemu
<damo22>so it almost booted off usb on real hw
<AlmuHS>damo22: i also have problems with Rumpdisk in T410 and others with SATA AHCI. Must be a general bug of rumpkernel
<AlmuHS>but the USB boot it's a great advance anyway
<p4r4D0xum>AlmuHS: USB boot on real hardware?
<AlmuHS>p4r4D0xum: damo22 told some progress in that
<p4r4D0xum>AlmuHS: I'm so excited! Thank you so much!
<p4r4D0xum>All of you. :) I meant
<p4r4D0xum>64-bit support and now this... :)
<p4r4D0xum>me myself torturing with macOS
<p4r4D0xum>would be nice to give some arm32 arm64 support for GNU/Hurd too
<p4r4D0xum>but to be honest I'm not even close too...
<AlmuHS>arm support is very far. Currently, Hurd devs are working in x86_64 support. ARM is a fully different architecture than x86
<p4r4D0xum>AlmuHS: I'm very aware of that, but I thought xnu is mach 4.0 maybe we can salvage some code from f' apple
<AlmuHS>And gnumach source code is very linked to x86, so it requires a so big effort
<p4r4D0xum>At least abstract is the same, Mach-O and stuff
<p4r4D0xum>correct me if I'm wrong.
<AlmuHS>but the XNU mach is based in other Mach branch than gnumach
<AlmuHS>it has some characteristics than gnumach doesn't have
<p4r4D0xum>True, let me dream a little :)
<p4r4D0xum>and to be clear I'm now investigating xnu from macosx 10.0 I don't think I am that apart
<p4r4D0xum>but at this point it's a wild guess I admit.