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<Arsen>I don't see how that would have any benefits over running programs on a gnu/linux system directly. all of the microkernel benefits apply to running linux drivers as servers
<damo22>youpi: do you know if net routing table is part of the network stack or does something need to be set in the device itself?
<damo22>im trying to replace netdde with rumpnet driver
<youpi>routing is integrally part of the network stack, the device is not involved
<damo22>this seems to set the address/netmask/gateway of a card rump_sys_ioctl(socket_afnet, SIOCAIFADDR, &ifa);
<youpi>well, bsd includes a tcp/ip stack so that's not surprising :)
<youpi>but we aren't using it
<damo22>im not sure how to just set that in the device
<damo22>without the tcp/ip stack
<damo22>does the device have a concept of address/netmask/gateway?
<youpi>ethernet cards only have a notion of MAC address
<damo22>this is very strange to me, it should be pretty easy to port the driver then
<youpi>it's just that nobody took the time to do it yet