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<VedantT>For Hurd would the target be Tier 3, based on the support which Rust has for Hurd, here the standard library is not specified i686-uwp-windows-gnu
<VedantT>Since there isn't a specific target for Hurd yet
<damo22>close windows, open doors
<Guest17>I’m reading about the Win95 architecture. It’s impressive how many lies people spread about Win95. It was a great architecture, in a way much more interesting than WinNT. People lie and say the Win95 was running on dos, while in fact it was running in ring3 under a 32bit hypervisor called the Virtual Machine Manager side by side dos VMs
<Arsen>that's not that impressive
<azeem>Guest17: this is not #win95
<Arsen>it was still a DOS program, not having DOS above it means little, since DOS isn't very thick
<Guest17>It predates the current trends in open source development by 35 years. I’m thinking about docker
<Guest17>Im surprised Microsoft ditched that for nt
<azeem>do you have a Hurd question?
<Arsen>... that's not what docker is, and NT is far more interesting (and if you care about it being a hypervisor, there is hyperv, and modern windows utilizes hw virt to isolate some processes, and even besides that, there are actually good hypervisors on the non-M$ side of the world). but none of that is hurdy..
<Guest17>Im also surprised Microsoft didn’t port Xenix to the VMM hypervisor
<Guest17>Hurd is cool, way cooler than Linux
<Guest17>Win95 had the right approach to os design: make software believe that they are in full control. That’s what programmers want, even today with gpus. WinNT is blunt bloated
<Guest17>The role of a desktop os is to virtualize resources and provide a Commodore64 style running environment for apps to run.
<Arsen>sounds terrible
<Guest17>If the Hurd would run Linux as an app, the chances of Hurd superseding the evil Linux would be high
<Guest17>Im thinking at wsl2, but more integrated
<Arsen>what difference would it make? it seems more sensible to do the inverse, run linux drivers as servers
<Guest17>Probably you could get also that by tight integration