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<luckyluke>ok, must be something with my patches then
<luckyluke>but it's quite strange
<luckyluke>I installed a double fault handler to check what happened before the reset
<luckyluke>it seems that an irq fired just after a syscall was entered, before switching to the kernel stack, and the user stack was near the bottom, so the irq handler couldn't push the state on the stack and failed
<luckyluke>quite a lucky condition :D
<luckyluke>fortunately there seems to be a way to safely disable interrupts in this case, and enabling them after switching to the kernel stack...
<janneke> guix we upgraded to most recent tags (except for gnumach) and glibc-2.37, but now i find new test failures wrt our 2020 versions
<janneke>i have no distinctive identification of what fails, but all guile tests that use thread-join now fail
<janneke>also, tests that -- trying to be intentionally vague here -- do something with pipes and/or /dev/{null/zero} seem to hang
<janneke>*thread-join tests mostly hang, instead of fail