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<damo22>janneke: do you have a disk image i could try for Guix/Hurd i386 on native hardware? i could test it on x200 for example...
<janneke>damo22: i created only qemu images until now and installed the hurd from gnu/linux using guix system init
<janneke>ACTION could have a go a creating a disk image from their wip-hurd
<damo22>what is the difference between a qemu image and a disk image?
<damo22>if you wanted to share one of your qemu images i could probably figure out how to convert it to a raw image i could dump to a real disk...
<janneke>i have a qemu image here:
<damo22>thanks got it
<janneke>meanwhile, i'll see if i can build a proper disk image
<damo22>$ file c2f2lpvfp05pw2isihgbwx6f1b1l0hwh-disk-image
<damo22>c2f2lpvfp05pw2isihgbwx6f1b1l0hwh-disk-image: DOS/MBR boot sector
<damo22>it should boot
<janneke>ok, nice
<janneke>you know that we don't have 64bit yet
<damo22>on a T500 it got stuck at piixide0 init
<damo22>probably related to DMA mode?
<damo22>that qemu image IS a raw image, just xzipped
<damo22>one thing you should tweak in grub settings is the text mode setting so people without VESA (eg coreboot users) can still edit grub
<janneke>has debian ever had a build fix for openssl-1.1 to build shared libraries?
<janneke>(it seems openssl-1.1 / libssl1.1 is not installable atm)
<janneke>apparently guix needs ruby-2.7.6, which needs
<youpi>openssl 1.1 was removed from debian
<youpi>we only have openssl 3 there nowadays
<janneke>it's weird, openssl 3's configure cannot figure out it's building on the hurd, and needs an extra 'x86-hurd' argument
<janneke>openssl 1's configure correctly identifies the hurd (and barfs when given the extra "x86-hurd" argument), but then decides it cannot build shared libraries
<youpi>it seems debian has a debian-targets.patch that tunes the configuration
<janneke>i was just wondering if (and how) could be built
<janneke>ACTION meanwhile attempts building ruby without openssl
<janneke>hmm, that doesn't seem easy
<janneke>ACTION goes to debug openssl's home-grown config
<janneke>perl -- yuck
<janneke>ACTION found a simple configure fix to build shared libraries