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<zamfofex>Hello, everyone! I’ve been reading the “project ideas” page, and this seems interesting to me: To me, it sounds a lot like something that would be neat to incorporate into ‘guix shell -C’ somehow, given that it does half of the task already.
<zamfofex>As a first thought, it would be neat to be able to set more granular permissions with ‘guix shell’ using the user/group system described in that page. Perhaps more interestingly would be to use Guix Home to somehow set permissions to specific packages.
<zamfofex>An initial design idea would be to transform packages to limit their access to home and system resources. But I’m not sure if there is an entirely “Guixy” way to do that. But still, I feel like it bears some kind of further design thoughts.
<zamfofex>Hmm, I suppose it would be quite tricky the way I envision it. Because packages are cached on the system‐wide store, it’s not entirely obvious how one would be able to set up a package within a given user’s file system proxy like described on that page.
<zamfofex>I think a more reasonable approach might be to allow Guix Home to set up *multiple* profiles, all of which are appropriately added to the user’s search path environment variables, and then configure the permission for each of those profiles. Then Guix Home would set these file system proxies (on the user’s home directory) to the store directories of the profiles in a way that limits access to the executables.
<p4r4>anybody is using gnustep on hurd?
<p4r4>following gnustep tutorial and get sigsegv on simple example
<gnucode>howdy friends!
<gnucode>so i'm trying to build gnumach, so that I can get a hint why libdiskfs is getting failing as assertion during poweroff...
<gnucode>hmmm "apt source gnumach" is failing...
<gnucode>ahhh. nevermind.looks like it already downloaded it.
<gnucode>ahhh silly me...I need to rebuild the Hurd....
<gnucode>dh_quilt_patch doesn't seem to work...
<gnucode>command not found error
<gnucode>ahhh, I figured out how to build the hurd. I needed to do a "sudo apt install libapcia-dev" I probably spelled that package name wrong, but whatever.
<gnucode>looks like I'm building the Hurd. That's kind of cool!
<gnucode>anyone have an idea how long it takes to compile the Hurd? An hour or 2?
<jpoiret>hurd itself is pretty fast, but that's on a multicore linux system
<gnucode>I'm compiling it on a T43 on Debian GNU/Hurd....
<gnucode>I'm tempted to kill this compilation process and do it some other time...when I have more time.
<gnucode>talk to ya'll later.
<youpi>p4r4: it used to work, so it's probably not many bugs away from working
<p4r4>I will play with gdb tomorrow morning and see where that takes me
<p4r4>youpi: btw. how different is xnu except that it's single server?
<youpi>I don't know much about xnu