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<janneke>youpi: hurd isn't on this list for quest architectures
<janneke>there's probably something i don't see/understand about how qemu works
<janneke>it looks like you can only transparantly run binaries from other processor architectures if you're on the same kernel
<youpi>all the "user" thing of qemu does is translating the system numbers/parameters etc.
<janneke>which means that if you want to build for the hurd from gnu/linux, you need a vm (which is still pretty nice)
<youpi>so it can't be cross-OS
<janneke>that's still pretty clever
<janneke>riscv doesn't have open, stat, iirc; but only openat, fstatat, etc
<youpi>that's not a problem, it's trivial to translate
<janneke>ACTION has been using qemu-binfmt to build for riscv and then wondered if that would work for the hurd
<janneke>possibly, but it needs attention and work
<janneke>and if it's so trivial, thet why oh why doesn't linux do this transparently?
<janneke>now everyone writing something like a libc needs to cater for all these exceptions
<youpi>because linux doesn't care about having several libc implementations
<janneke>it feels like a waste of resources for our community
<youpi>heya VedantT :)