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<damo22>soon could be 64 bit right?
<janneke>the x60 won't, but yeah, soon i could be moving to newer hardware it seems
<damo22>i had it almost booting on x230
<damo22>but netdde does not support its network card
<janneke>ah right
<janneke>wait, not even the wired network?
<damo22>we need to move to rumpnet
<janneke>ouch, yes, rumpnet sounds cool
<damo22>its already compiled as a lib
<damo22>possibly the phy driver is already separate from the tcp stack
<damo22>i think nobody has tried to use it yet
<janneke>hmm, then we would need to find someone who might have a use for it... ;)
<damo22>rump needs work upstream to separate all the drivers into libs
<damo22>but no one seems to care about netbsd rump anymore, even its author has disappeared from the community
<damo22>i dont understand netbsd makefile foo enough to do it myself
<damo22>rump has the potential to allow all netbsd supported hardware to be compiled as libraries that hurd can use. But not in its current state
<damo22>the rump author chose a handful of device drivers only and wrote examples for those
<janneke>so, we need a (bsd) makefile hacker
<damo22>i think so yes
<damo22>if rump was more actively maintained upstream and integrated as a first class kernel target, 1) it would help netbsd a lot with testing the kernel and 2) it would allow us to use drivers in userspace
<janneke>yeah, sounds like an interesting project
<damo22>then theres the smp locking issues, and acpi pci irq problem
<damo22>i think i got "irqnull(9)" on real hardware when i tried to use acpi
<janneke>hmm, so the hurd is not a qemu platform
<janneke>guess i should have known that, things would have been easier if it was
<youpi1>"not a qemu platform", what do you mean?
<Talca>damo22: Hi, I think that netbsd people are also interested in bringing their drivers in userspace
<Talca>At least as an option
<Talca>As far as I know, netbsd is the only open source platform where you can mount a fs as an unprivileged user using the kernel module in a process
<Talca>This has obvious security advantages
<Talca>I don’t think they don’t care about rump, they are very proud of it. They just don’t have anyone currently working on it
<Talca>It’s the same in every open source project, you need volunteers
<VedantT>Hello! I am new to the hurd config and I am trying to understand how to utilize the bootloader to start up the microkernel, are there any specific HTML Pages I can refer to for instructions?
<VedantT>facing issues with accessing is it important for configuring packages for hurd installation?