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<janneke>bah, upgraded glibc and hurd sources, now something changed and has FHS /usr/lib harcoded
<janneke>the 202208xx release didn't have this bug
<janneke>i586-pc-gnu-gcc ... -o rumpdisk ... /usr/lib/librump_pic.a /usr/lib/librumpuser_pic.a ...
<janneke>ACTION goes to investigate...
<janneke>of course, that all works if you're on FHS *and* you're not cross-building...
<janneke>ah, /me lost a fix somewhere
<janneke>hmm, how to upstream this?
<jpoiret>janneke: is it glibc-related or Hurd-related?
<janneke>jpoiret: it's an upstream hurd thing, trying to debug it so i can create and upstream a fix and we can drop our guix hurd build workaround
<janneke>my remark was too casual, i was wondering: what should a proper fix look like?
<youpi>not sure to understand the question, I guess the answer could be: a patch to bug-hurd
<gnucode>morning friends!
<gnucode>I just send in two wiki patches. I will start annotating those edits.
<janneke>youpi: sure, my question was formulated sloppy; i meant to say something like: "I wonder what the correct fix might look like, so that I could determine if I send it to bug-hurd"
<youpi>don't ask to ask, just ask ;)
<youpi>i.e. post what you have found on bug-hurd
<youpi>and the list will determine what fix can be used
<janneke>youpi: thanks
<janneke>ACTION whips up a patch and sends it to bug-hurd