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<gnucode>am I correct in thinking that the only rump driver the Hurd currently has is dumpdisk?
<gnucode>We do not have any rump drivers for usb or sound yet?
<gnucode>actually scratch that. I'm pretty sure all that we have is rumpdisk drivers.
<gnucode>cool cool.
<youpi1>only rumpdisk is packaged, yes. IIRC somebody had rumpsound working at some point
<gnucode>fun fact of the day.
<gnucode>The Hurd may not have usb support, but I am using the usb port to charge my pinephone.
<gnucode>in real hardware.
<gnucode>can I send in a patch to delete this webpage?
<gnucode>Does the Hurd performance slow down over time? Or is that a non-issue now?
<gnucode>I guess I could try compiling a large program several times and find out.
<youpi>it could be useful to check with the proposed gcc build test indeed
<youpi>there used to be various leaks in servers, possibly that got solved