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<janneke>guix now has rumpdisk \o/ -- well, after my patches get merged ;)
<youpi1>janneke: \o/ what was the issue?
<jpoiret>Debian has some competition again.... after we figure out native-compilation that is :)
<janneke>youpi1: i'm almost too embarrased to tell, sergey's tips about console=com0 helped *a lot*
<janneke>it helped me to (e)diff successful debian runs with failing guix runs
<janneke>that diff showed me that there was no error with our rumpdisk, the output was similar
<janneke>turned out i was using -m 1024, using -m 4096 it just continues after all the rumpdisk noise
<janneke>we have even using/suggesting to use -m 512 (, guess rumpdisk needs some more memory
<janneke>jpoiret: i wouln't say competition, i would say something like: friends with hurds
<janneke>i guess it's a good thing to have current hurd code being deployed in another system, such as guix
<jpoiret>janneke: of course! i just think it's nice to explore different ways of doing things with the hurd
<youpi1>rumpdisk is very eaty yes
<youpi1>we need to fix that
<janneke>fwiw, with -m 1200 we're already OK
<janneke>youpi1: fyi, it was *both* the qemu memory flag, but *also* the outdated MONOTONiC (and possibly centiseconds) patch