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<gnucode>howdy folks!
<gnucode>well my next goal is to figure out how to auto-start ssh on this hurd computer.
<gnucode>looks like # apt install ssh-server should do it
<gnucode>ok I found the svinit manual "man service"
<gnucode>apparently I already have ssh running. That's nice.
<biblio>gnucode: kvm -net user,hostfwd=tcp: -net nic,model=e1000 -drive file=$(echo debian-hurd*.img),cache=writeback -m 1G
<biblio>gnucode: you can ssh user@ -p 2222 (after you creating a regular user account)
<biblio>gnucode: after creating*
<gnucode>biblio: I am actually running the Hurd in real hardware. :)
<gnucode>on a T43e
<biblio>gnucode: oh thats nice.
<gnucode>It is actually super stable. I'm running emacs inside a console. This machine only has 1 GB of ram, but it works fairly well. I am going to try to daily drive this sucker for a while and see how far I get. I don't think that I will try to start X...well I have let a server of mine run the X server on a linux machine maybe...
<gnucode>biblio: what are you working on?
<biblio>gnucode: i am trying to understand to 64-bit pending issues.
<gnucode>biblio: are you also serge? (sorry for the mispelling).
<gnucode>and good luck!
<biblio>gnucode: no.
<biblio>gnucode: thanks.
<gnucode>may I ask what issues you are trying to fix?
<biblio>gnucode: trying to figure out where 64-bit stop executing.
<gnucode>ahhh. best of luck!
<gnucode>also would libsoup be a bad http library to use for httpfs?
<biblio>gnucode: no clue about it.
<gnucode>so i think I'm going to start updating hurd.texi. I wonder where I should add in documentation for the various libraries.
<gnucode>Maybe I will just create a new section called helped libraries.
<gnucode>helper libraries*
<gnucode>may editing hurd.texi is super easy. People haven't worked on it in some time. :)
<gnucode>lots of cool stuff to document.