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<gnucode> anyone know why the kernel instrumentation task is no longer a GSOC project?
<DiffieHellman>No idea, but do events "sponsored" by "google" align with the goals of GNU?
<kilobug>DiffieHellman: if google is willing to give a tiny bit of its money to help develop GNU projects and it comes with no strings attached, I don't think we should reject it (but sure it shouldn't make us forget about all the evil google does)
<DiffieHellman>Fair enough then. I didn't know they gave money.
<DiffieHellman>May as well take the enemies money and use it against them.
<jab>morning everyone
<eamanu>Hi guys, I really want to start contributing to hurd, do you have a tips about where start?
<luckyluke>eamanu: did you already install e.g. debian/hurd? what areas are you interested in?
<luckyluke>also see