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<Pellescours>damo22: while browsing the gnumach code I saw the kern/gsync files, do you sync they can help with the slow SMP problem? They seems not to be used currently
<Pellescours>ah, I just retried to build gnumach in smp and it don’t even boot. I don’t have time now to go deeper
<gnucode>hello from the Hurd on real hardware! (T43)
<ThinkT510>emacs again or another client is time?
<gnucode>ThinkT510: Emacs again!
<ThinkT510>been a while since I ran hurd, but only in a VM
<gnucode>i do wonder if rcirc supports sending notifications if someone mentions my irc nick by name
<ThinkT510>gnucode: test
<gnucode>ThinkT510: wait 10 seconds and then test me again. Let me change to a different buffer....
<ThinkT510>weechat works in the hurd, doesn't it?
<ThinkT510>gnucode: weee
<ThinkT510>gnucode: did it work?
<gnucode>nope. I know erc sends notifications.
<gnucode>it did not work.
<gnucode>I could try weechat.
<ThinkT510>weechat is my go to client
<ThinkT510>I wouldn't be surprised if they have irssi in the repo too
<gnucode>ThinkT510: I am currently running the Hurd on the console only. And they do have irssi in packages.
<ThinkT510>if go works you could try senpai
<gnucode>Honestly, if i keep running Emacs in the console, then erc or an emacs irc client might be the best.
<ThinkT510>it is fun trying out different clients sometimes
<gnucode>I agree.
<ThinkT510>wonder if this is available on the hurd:
<ThinkT510>if you are a fan of haskell there is also this:
<gnucode>Thanks for the options!
<ThinkT510>no worries
<gnucode>hmmm, I've got httpfs working for my site
<gnucode>I've got an xmlfs file on that site for my feed. I wonder how I can create an xmlfs translator on top of a httpfs translator...
<youpi1>xmlfs already exists
<youpi1>it's in the hurd-recommended package
<youpi1>(httpfs doesn't actually know anything about xml or html)
<youpi1>(well, actually yes it does know about html links, but that's about it)
<gnucode>youpi1: yup. I think I can link ~/xml -> ~/
<gnucode>then I can do a settrans xml /hurd/xmlfs
<gnucode>then xml should then be a directory structure. I guess I will try it out.
<youpi1>no, you don't link
<youpi1>you directly settrans ~/xml /hurd/xmlfs ~/
<gnucode>oh duh.
<gnucode>that's obvious!
<youpi1>(well you have to touch ~/xml before, or use the -c option of settrans)
<youpi1>obvious once you got used to translators :)
<gnucode>youpi1: kudos for making the Hurd so stable on real hardware.
<gnucode>interesting. feed.xml does not appear
<youpi1>httpfs only knows about files that are linked from index.html
<youpi1>http doesn't provide any way to list directories otherwise
<gnucode>youpi1: I should definitely make httpfs understand sitemaps. We would get all pages on all wordpress sites for free. That's 30% of the internet in one swoop!
<gnucode->well bummer. Now my hurd laptop seems to be stuck.
<gnucode->when I typed ls in ~/ It tried to access the xml translator, which was pointed to a file that didn't exist.
<gnucode->sorry it tried to access the ~/xml file, which pointed to the xmlfs translator, which pointed the file ~/, which didn't exist.
<gnucode->I was able to stop ls from hanging via C-c. And that worked, but then it said that the kbd que was full.
<gnucode->so it was not accepting any more input.
<gnucode->now I am on tty5.
<gnucode->and it says tty5, but it is not accepting input.
<gnucode->trying to change ttys via Alt-F2 doesn't seem to work.
<gnucode->I guess I will let it sit there and just chill. maybe it'll become responsive in a few. *fingers crossed*.
<gnucode->I also wonder, how you would go about fixing that tiny bug that I just discovered.
<gnucode->ls was trying to show all the nodes in ~/. When it got to the "xml" node it must be doing something wrong. It's not a bug in ls.
<gnucode->Would it be a bug in xmlfs? Or would it be a buy in settrans? Should settrans check that the ~/ files exists?
<gnucode->well I got to run for the day. see you all later.
<gnucode>So I found what is probably a really trivial bug.
<gnucode>settrans -c /hurd/httpfs
<gnucode>settrans -c ~/xml /hurd/xmlfs ~/
<gnucode>ls ~/
<gnucode>Those above commands 'cause ls the hang. When I tested this on real hardware (I was using the latest hurd release. I did not build the Hurd from source. So my hurd is out of date).
<gnucode>The first time C-c fixed the issue, and I could get back to the console. The second time I ran "ls ~/" I could use C-c to successfully kill ls, but the Hurd complained that the kbd que was full.
<gnucode>Basically I ended up in a state where the laptop was no longer accepting input. And I could not switch to different consoles. Since I am running and outdated hurd, amd this bug is fairly trival (httpfs does report that feed.xml exists), is it worth reporting it as a bug?
<gnucode>Since I am running an*