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<gnucode>hey hurd people! I'm playing with my T43 running the hurd on real hardware today.
<gnucode>hmmm, the "mount" command doesn't seem to work...
<gnucode>I guess the Hurd doesn't actually mount stuff.
<kilobug>gnucode: the Hurd use translators, "mount" is just a kind of translation layer towards settrans and fsysopts
<gnucode>sounds about right.
<gnucode>hmmm. I wonder if the guix install script works for the Hurd...
<gnucode>ok. so it looks like cat /etc/mtab is how you see how your discs are translated.
<gnucode>now let me set up apt. I don't think apt currently works as well as I would like.
<gnucode>also how stable is Emacs?
<gnucode>when I open up Emacs it says "Warning Warning!! Pure space overflow "Warning Warning"
<gnucode>ok, so emacs seems somewhat stable, but I'm not about to run Doom Emacs again. That seemed to bork some things.
<gnucode>the emacs manual page says that Emacs is either slightly less useful right now in it's warning state, or it is leaking memory...
<gnucode>and I really like that since I am running Emacs on the console, I can just type Alt-<right-arrow> to cycle to other applications.
<gnucode>hmmm, apparently this laptop currently only has 1 GB of memory. And it seesm to be running ok. That's kind of cool.
<gnucode>I wonder why the debian hurd guide says to add name servers to /etc/resolve.conf
<gnucode>I guess I can add the name servers from openDNS.
<gnucode>ok well that is interesting. It seems like one of my consoles has locked itself.
<gnucode>it shows "settrans -c " and I can see the blinking cursor, but it is no longer accepting input.
<gnucode>that's odd.
<gnucode>so it seems that the console on tty1 is stuck. ps -e | grep console shows me some stuff...
<gnucode>fsysopts /dev/tty1 shows "/hurd/term --name /dev/tty1 /dev/vcs/1/console"
<gnucode>I bet I can kill that console somehow...
<gnucode>ok. "apt update" seems to be working. That's a good sign.
<gnucode>well it worked until it did not....
<gnucode>something about the gpg key being outdated.
<jab>hello from jab from the Hurd!
<jab>I am not so certain that I like this console irc client...
<ThinkT510>greetings jab
<jab>ThinkT510 greetings to you too.
<ThinkT510>never heard of jab
<ThinkT510>search results all talk about covid (not suprisingly)
<gnucode>ThinkT510: I'm also gnucode.
<ThinkT510>sorry, I thought you meant the console client you were using was called jab
<gnucode>nope. It's sic from suckless.
<jab>I see my I see my comments twice on this console client.
<jab>that seems to be much better
<jab>hello again.
<ThinkT510>you in irssi this time?
<jab>actually I'm in emacs' icirc this time.
<jab>it looks like the Hurd is using about 60% of its memory with just Emacs open.
<jab>I can upgrade this laptop to have 2GB of memory, which would definitely help.
<azeem>that's a universal truth since 1992 I guess
<jab>haha. I could also just buy a thinkpad that supports more than 2GB of memory...