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<Arsen>frogmo: see #hurd
<gnucode>frogmo: the Hurd only supports ext2 at the moment.
<gnucode>There is work to port the NetBSD drivers including filesystems usb support, but it is going slowly.
<Arsen>oh, my bad, I misread which channel I am in - disregard
<frogmo>It is very slow ext2
<gnucode>I do not believe that ext2 is very slow. If you crash your system, which in my experience can happen...then rebooting you will have to run fsck.
<gnucode>as much as I love the Hurd, I do not daily drive it.
<frogmo>gnucode And you can already test virtual machine or is it still giving errors when entering the desktop environment? I remember that there was no file manager.
<gnucode>frogmo: I had a hard time even getting it to be stable in a virtual machine. :(
<gnucode>I would use it for a while, and then a process would lock up...then I would have to hard shut off the virtual machine...then fsck the filesystem, which had too much corruption.
<gnucode>I actually thought it was more stable installing it in actual hardware.