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<AlmuHS>hi damo22. Tonight I'm interviewing to ChatGPT about gnumach scheduling algorithm. This is the log
<AlmuHS>i'm not sure about this information is accurate, but it can be interesting to verify this
<youpi1>AlmuHS: well, it is saying BS :)
<youpi1>there is nothing like kern_sched_init, setup_frame_ticks, or pit_handler :)
<youpi1>= bullshit
<AlmuHS>typical of chatgpt, of course
<AlmuHS>other topic which is interesing for damo22 and me are this message received today in maillist
<AlmuHS>if the message is true, we can get difficult to debug the SMP code using GDB
<damo22>i dont know how to use gdb on the kernel unless i start qemu with that binary alone
<AlmuHS>i use gdb to make remote debugging over qemu
<damo22>but there is no problem with gnumach, its only when it interacts with the other servers
<AlmuHS>but, if i understand well, gdb produce errors when debug over threads. It's not?
<youpi1>AlmuHS: that message is about running gdb in hurd, not in linux
<AlmuHS>debug from Hurd?
<damo22>sorry id like to stay and chat but i have to start my work day
<AlmuHS>Running gdb in Hurd
<AlmuHS>i have to go sleep, but i was afraid about this message, and i was happy that this error does not affect to our work
<AlmuHS>**i am
<damo22>if you use gdb inside hurd, you may encounter this issue
<damo22>but no one has successfully booted a smp system yet
<AlmuHS>i'm in a busy month, but in some weeks maybe i can help you to debug
<AlmuHS>i hardly suspect that the scheduler is related with our problems
<ahmadsamir>Hello; does GNU Hurd have util-linux? (I want to use libmount to parse /proc/self/mountinfo in some cross-platform code, I know Linux works, but not sure about Hurd)
<youpi>it does
<youpi>but libmount is not portable
<ahmadsamir>I meant libmount for Linux and Hurd (other OSes are handled differently)
<youpi>there's a libmount1 that gets built
<youpi>but probably it has troubles getting all kidns of information
<youpi>there is no mountinfo on hurd, notably
<ahmadsamir>I see, thanks for the info, I guess no mountinfo to begin with is the clincher