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<n9>Hi hackers. Any ideas why Debian GNU/Hurd installer can't find usb stick?
<gnucode>n9: the Hurd does not have usb support. :)
<gnucode>You need to install via a CD.
<n9>gnucode: ah!
<n9>gnucode: USB-ROM doesn't works either?
<n9>I guessed it doesn't supports it, then tried to boot from CD (using other computer) - doesn't boots for some reason.
<n9>So I guess the only supported device (partially at least) I have is thinkpad.
<n9>And it has no cdrom :(
<gnucode>n9: at the moment the Hurd only supports really old hardware.
<gnucode>There is a fair amount of work going into getting the netbsd drivers working on the hurd userland, but that has not happened yet.
<gnu_srs>Hi, got the inspiration to try X on Hurd again. Things starts fine, but after a short while the windowmanager entries go haywire.
<gnu_srs>Plenty of menus come up/disappear/random by just moving the mouse around in the window. Mouse issue??
<Guest11>I am planning on submitting my proposal soon, I was wondering if I need a specific template or could use any general template. Was confused about the format,
<Guest11>Would these be the elements of the proposal?
<Guest11>Name and Contact Information
<Guest11>Benefits to Community
<Guest11>Related Work
<Guest11>Biographical Information
<youpi1>hello, we don't have any specific template, you can follow the google recommandations
<Guest11>Sounds good!
<Guest11>I guess I just need to get my draft reviewed, I was also wondering if we could work on existing proposals or would have to create our own?
<gnu_srs>youpi1: ^^?
<youpi1>Guest11: the principle of gsoc is that you create your own proposal, to show your understanding of the project