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<venkaatbalaje>Hi everyone! My name is Venkaat and I am interested in making contibutions to the GNU/Hurd project.
<youpi>welcome !
<youpi>we have a contributing page:
<venkaatbalaje>Thank you @youpi! I was looking at the project idea Porting Rust, I read that some work was done using bindgen on the libc C headers and that the file needs to be cleaned and integrated into the Rust infrastructure.
<venkaatbalaje>Is there anywhere I could help in generating such files using bindgen or in the process of integrating the files into the Rust infrastructure?
<youpi>that's the idea of the gsoc project, yes :)
<venkaatbalaje>haha yes, but I was hoping there was something specific that I could get to work on quickly.
<youpi>perhaps you can ask the rust community, but AIUI there is no small task that one can achieve that would have some effect. The proposed "exercices" are there to get acquainted with the process of building packages etc. which is actually quite a step for a start, since it involves learning to use various tools
<venkaatbalaje>I see, that was my understanding as well. I am getting done with the exercises, in the meanwhile could you point me to some part of Hurd where I can make a contribution? I am good with C.
<venkaatbalaje>The Porting Rust project seems very exciting to me, but I guess I can contribute elsewhere until we get a more clear idea here.
<youpi>on the contributing webpage there are some "small hack entries"
<youpi>there is for instance pthread_setschedparam that could be interesting, in that it's about the libc api and not complex code to write
<venkaatbalaje>I'll check out pthread_setschedparam.It seems interesting,thanks!
<youpi>if you want to do some kernel programming, there is also the pthread_setname_np part
<gnu_srs1>youpi1: Seems like the split-stack problem comes up again, now for gcc-13/gcc-snapshot. How can we get that patch upstreamed??
<gnu_srs1>See:, and bug #1033007
<youpi1>by pinging upstream
<youpi1>not harrassing them, but mails tend to get lost on mailling lists, so it's useful to ping