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<damo22>why does the scheduler put cpu0 on the end of the queue but all other cpus on the front of the queue?
<damo22>when nothing is runnable
<damo22>i think we need to figure out what makes the scheduler decide to switch off a running thread
<damo22>it must be that the switching is happening too often because the cpus are mostly idle
<damo22>so threads are not getting enough runtime?
<damo22>is there a timer that expires to determine when to switch to another thread? maybe it needs to be multiplied by number of cpus
<jpoiret>hi, i'm looking to upgrade hurd a bit in Guix for it to build (we've upgraded to glibc 2.35 and it seems we now need a newer mig). Should we be using the v1.8+git20221224 tags (ie. are they in any working state)?
<youpi1>these tags are what we use in Debian, yes
<jpoiret>can MiG running on x86_64 target i586?
<luckyluke>yes, you need to compile it with CC='gcc -m32' LD='ld -melf_i386' .../configure --host=i686-unknown-linux-gnu
<luckyluke>(at least there are the flags I'm using)
<jpoiret>compile what, MiG? doesn't --host=i686-.... imply that it would compile a i586 MiG, not a x86_64 one?
<jpoiret>the readme mentions being able to use `--target=i586-gnu`, so that could be an option I could try
<jpoiret>in Guix we compile a 32-bit MiG even on 64-bit, which is why I was wondering