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<gnu_srs1>Hi I tried to upgrade an old qemu image from 2017. No upgrading the correct packages mad the boot fail:(
<gnu_srs1>After that I tried to dpkg-deb -x a number of packages, around 43, but boot still hangs, now at: exec startup proc auth .
<gnu_srs1>I have not dpkg-deb -x installed grub. Would that make any difference? Any ideas are welcomed!
<gnu_srs1>Package list on demand.
<Pellescours>usrmerge stuff?
<gnu_srs1>Pellescours: usrmerge?
<gnu_srs1>Pellescours: Yes, seems like the fcking usrmerge is destroying everything:( When did hurd begin to depend on usrmerge?
<epony>fatum terminus: you'll never get it to run on real hardware
<damo22>epony: hurd already runs on x200
<gnu_srs1>Pellescours: Do you really think that usrmerge is the problem when installing packages via dpkg-deb -x?
<Pellescours>no, I just don't have ideas, and I remember thzt if you instzll the wrong package you break your VM
<gnu_srs1>I've installed plenty of packages via dpkg-deb -x now, still no successful boot :( I'll try to install a newer grub next.
<almuhs>Pellescours: I've got to install Debian GNU/Hurd with Rumpdisk in a Thinkpad R60e using IDE-compatible mode
<gnu_srs1>Do anybody think that using rescue mode in the installer can fix the problem?
<almuhs>i'm not sure
<almuhs>in AHCI mode, Rumpdisk doesn't detects the HDD, even after installation
<gnu_srs1>almuhs: the problem = my problem with an old image, sorry for the noise.
<almuhs>oh, ok
<almuhs>ok, disabling sshd i got access to tty in mi r60e
<almuhs>but it don't detects more than 1 cpu
<almuhs>wait, i think that detect only 1 cpu because i compiled with --enable-cpus=1 by error
<almuhs>ok. After compile with 8 cpus and try again over my Thinkpad R60e (dual core), gnumach crash after send IPI to the AP
<almuhs>in qemu freeze after timecounters