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<damo22>i may have found a bug in qemu's timer emulation for PIT
<damo22>recompiling now
<damo22>the one-shot mode of PIT is broken in qemu
<damo22> ive submitted a patch to qemu
<damo22>lissobone: are you really a bot or just pretending to be one?
<lissobone>I am pretending to be one.
<lissobone>It just turns out that I really like to say "Greetings" every time I greet someone.
<lissobone>It's not funny anymore.
<lissobone>And I also love Dr. Emacs.
<lissobone>I did a little trolling with him.
<lissobone>But let's get back to the topic.
<damo22>i fixed a bug in qemu that makes the PIT timer able to calibrate the apic timer
<lissobone>I tried Guix GNU/Hurd in qemu. At some point it threw an error, also showing the line.
<lissobone>hurdsig.c:964: post_signal: Unexpected error: (ipc/send) invalid
<lissobone> destination port.
<lissobone>Perhaps it's time for me to study the source code.
<damo22>i find it inconvenient to use guix to develop hurd
<damo22>i would say most if not all of the development happens on the debian port
<damo22>and that makes guix lag behind just because its not as actively developed
<lissobone>Well, I asked myself a question if a system can be fully GNU, using only Hurd and GNU software to run(with no graphical server). That's what brought me yesterday to try Guix GNU/Hurd in a virtual machine.
<damo22>try debian gnu/hurd in a vm
<lissobone>I understand that it might not be what I was looking for, but I was just curious.
<lissobone>Hmm, Debian...
<damo22>it works out of the box
<damo22>you can download a vm image from the topic if you just want to boot it
<lissobone>I am aware, that's what I am doing now.
<lissobone>Wow, 10 MB per second?
<damo22>Xorg runs in hurd with VESA driver
<lissobone>It has booted.
<lissobone>I already like it.
<lissobone>I see a nice opportunity to troll geeks who have never heard of GNU and say that they are on Linux.
<lissobone>(Linux, the kernel).
<lissobone>And I am also reading the translator_primer.
<damo22>we're working on 64 bit support and smp
<lissobone>I will study the code. Maybe I can help. There will also be quite a lot for me to learn.
<damo22>currently the image you have is 32 bit and only one core
<damo22>we're almost there
<lissobone>Hmm. Traslators are interesting. They remind me of links in a filesystem.
<lissobone>I have started the X server.
<lissobone>The wallpaper is funny.
<lissobone>It's ironic.
<lissobone>I will try to compile Emacs.
<lissobone>Or at least run it.
<lissobone>My heart has skipped a beat.
<Pellescours>damo22: nice for the PIT fix. I checked quickly linux and xnu, and they use the 3rd modebof lapic timer to configure it. But I don't understand how it works
<damo22>3rd mode of lapic timer?
<damo22>or PIT
<Pellescours>tsc deadline mode
<Pellescours>3rd mode of lapic timer
<Pellescours>is speed better with times fix ?
<Pellescours>i mean is smp speed still not normal?
<damo22>the timestamps are better but the speed is the same