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<almuhs>i'm writting some scripts to prepare a Debian GNU/Hurd machine and compile and upload gnumach
<Pellescours>so great
<Pellescours>were you able to test rumpdisk ide and sata at the same time?
<almuhs>i can check it
<almuhs>it's only change the cd drive to ide
<almuhs>in qemu script
<almuhs>the installer has detected the IDE cdrom using "noide" in GRUB gnumach line
<almuhs>and detects the SATA HDD as wd0 with no problem
<almuhs>i don't like to reinstall, but the detection is fine here
<Pellescours>cool :D
<almuhs>how can i do lsblk in Debian GNU/Hurd?
<almuhs>in upstream's gnumach with --disable-ide, the ATAPI drive show many errors and delay the boot, but finally boots
<youpi>it's devprobe
<almuhs>but now i have the question about why, in real hardware, the installer with rumpkernel (noide option in GRUB) doesn't detects the SATA HDD. In Qemu, the detection works correctly
<almuhs>this afternoon i was installing in a SATA HDD drive from USB using Qemu in AHCI mode. But, although the installer detected the HDD witn rumpkernel, once installed and testing from the laptop, the system doesn't detect the unit during the boot
<youpi>no idea, investigation is needed
<almuhs>i edited GRUB file, adding noide, but it didn't work
<Pellescours>did you saw the rump boot logs?
<almuhs>i don't have the laptop here. It's in my office
<almuhs>remember it next week
<almuhs>damo22: are you here?
<almuhs>read the IRC logs
<almuhs>disabling mouse and mouse repeater in hurd-console, the upstream --enable-apic --enable-cpus=1 now works with keyboard without problems
<Pellescours>damo22: the clock is too fast with apic
<Pellescours>like 2x normal speed