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<damo22>i fixed stuck console with smp 1
<damo22>with no smp i mean as well
<damo22>the scheduler does not seem to work properly though, my vm is idle most of the time trying to boot and nothing is running
<gnucode>damo22: Is it easier to test these kinds of things in a vm?
<damo22>i cant develop on native hw, its too inconvenient
<gnucode>hmmm. fair enough. I guess that makes sense. If the hardware crashes all the time, how are you going to debug things?
<gnucode>rhetorical question...
<damo22>i can pause the machine when it crashes and see what the registers are with qemu
<damo22>there are a number of benefits
<damo22>Timer DCR=0x3 (divide by 16) initial_count = 257800
<damo22>how do i calibrate the timer to expire at HZ?
<damo22>i am not sure its working correctly
<damo22>i used the pit timer to measure the number of lapic ticks in 1/hz seconds
<damo22>do i just use that value?
<damo22>seems like it should just use calibrated_ticks as the value of the counter