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<fowler>I'm trying to use cross-hurd ( and it bootstraps the cross-compiler, builds The Hurd and creates the disk image. The disk image boots in qemu, enters setup and asks me to set a password. I do so and it reboots. I use login root on the prompt and the correct password gets me "login: Authentication failure: Operation not permitted". An incorrect password gets me
<fowler>"login: Invalid Password".
<fowler>I've done a google search and the only thing that comes up is a lack of /servers/password. That 0 size file exists
<fowler>I've mounted the image via loopback to check
<gnucode> fowler: I believe in the default setup the root password is empty.
<gnucode>so you just type "root" RET RET
<gnucode>though, I do not know why it would be rebooting...
<fowler>there's a /SETUP script that asks for a password, then deletes the /SETUP and reboots.
<fowler>A blank password yield "Invalid password"
<fowler>Is there a way perhaps to bypass the init process. In linux I can do a "init=/bin/bash rw" or a "single" on some distros
<gnucode>fowler: I've no idea. I just got the Hurd running on real hardware today. A t43. My hurd knowledge is pretty slim.
<fowler>VERY nice! Well done!
<fowler>Currently I've gotten Debian running in KVM. I've also booted Gnuix in the same. I'd like to poke around with a system like cross-hurd though to get a better feel for the entire startup process.
<fowler>Err Guix I mean
<gnucode>fowler: the Hurd currently is the most stable on Debian GNU/Hurd. The guix people have not been able to create a hurd virtual machine that enables swap space...
<gnucode>I actually feel like running the Hurd in real hardware seems more stable than running it in a vm...weirdly.
<gnucode>Though I have only been playing with it for 2 days.
<gnu_srs1>youpi1: Nice work finding the unwinding error. At least the two packages I tried golang-pault-go-ykpiv and golang-github-xo-terminfo builds fine now :)
<gnu_srs1>Looking at more build logs it seems like some files in libgo are missing hurd entries/specific code. Will look into that when time permits. Thanks!
<gnu_srs1>Seems like the later versions of gcc-12 (e.g. 12.2.0-14) build-depends on gdc-12. Any idea on how to fix/work-around that? Latest hurd built version is 12.2.0-3.
<youpi1>see #1028195
<youpi1>I planned to build 12.2.0-14 with the fix
<youpi1>and see #1026201 for the fix
<gnucode-on-the-h>good morning hurd people!
<gnucode-on-the-h>I am chatting via the Hurd on a T43 inside doom emacs. Things are a bit slow, but it works for the most part
<gnucode-on-the-h>it's really nice that the hurd console supports switch virtual terminals via alt-arrow key.
<Pellescours>now i'm trying to understand why it hang at pmap_extract simple_lock
<gnucode-on-the-h>Pellescours: are you working on glibc stuff or more SMP stuff?
<fowler>Well, I've filed a bug. Let's see if anyone gets back to me on it
<fowler> if anyone knows what's up :)