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<Pellescours>damo22: add it to the fstab with the corresponding options something like
<Pellescours>/dev/mypartition /wheretomount default 0 0
<Pellescours>mtab correspond to what is currently mounted, and fstab the partition to mount automatically (like atvboot)
<DiffieHellman>damo22: Based
<gnu_srs>Hi, where is the code selecting which script to run during {first,second,etc} boot: runsystem{,.gnu,.hurd,.sysv}?
<youpi>it's just always runsystem, which is a symlink to either of the two other
<youpi>git grep runsystem will tell you
<youpi>(meaning: I have no better answer than what git grep would tell)
<gnu_srs>Well, booting a cross-built image executes runsystem first boot, and runsystem.hurd after that??
<youpi>check the source, that'll tell you how they are called