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<damo22>-smp 1 almost works with no slowdown, something is not quite right, timeout on console
<damo22>(with last two unmerged patches)
<luckyluke>are there any preferences on how to set the indentation on gnumach? Sometimes it's a mess, a mix of 8-spaces-tab, 4-spaces, gnu...
<Guest56>Regarding “Mixing 32 and 64 bit userspace tasks”, one could have just forced 64bit tasks to switch to 32bit mode when doing rpc. As it was for 16bit dos, bios and 32bit dos4gw apps. Of course thunking the structs would have been responsibility of the apps
<Guest56>A 64bit kernel abi could have been introduced slowly with the opportunity to break compatibility
<Guest56>In a way, if the 64bit user32 kernel will become the default, it’ll be exactly that way
<Guest56>Since apps could switch to 64bit mode through a far call and call back to 32bit to use the user32 interface
<luckyluke>they would also need to be compiled in 2 different ways, one for the 32 bit part and one for the 64 bit part
<Guest56>Yes, apparently 64bit elf files can contain 32bit code sections
<Guest56>So one would need a toolchain for that
<luckyluke>and you still need to pass the data structures between 32/64 worlds, so I think it would be better to have this done in the mig-generated code