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<damo22>youpi: im getting this with my latest branch:
<youpi>looks like a buffer overrun
<damo22>yep i dont think ive seen this before i rebased
<damo22>this regression was introduced somewhere in the last 35 commits
<Pellescours>iirc I think it was there but not sure
<damo22>i have two branches almost identical on different base commits, tip is broken, 35 commits back -smp 1 boots
<Pellescours>smp-test is working and feat-smp-upstreaming not or the inverse?
<damo22>smp-test works
<Pellescours>do you think the adjust rdxtree can ve the cause?
<damo22>i dont know
<Pellescours>i can't play with it right now but I'll try to investigate
<damo22>no worries, im going to sleep soon
<damo22>at least its there
<Pellescours>damo22: with your branches I have a conflict with pic and apic definitions so I can’t build
<Pellescours>If I enable-apic in the configure command, it build but then I follow a path that is not ready yet (APIC)
<luckyluke>damo22: with git-bisect you should be able to find the breaking commit within 5 attempts :)
<gfleury>luckyluke: with your lastest patches what is missing now
<gfleury>luckyluke:nice work by the way
<luckyluke>gfleury: thanks!
<luckyluke>user-space drivers is missing on 64 bit, e.g. enabling interrupts and forwarding them... if you try to boot with a rump disk driver it hangs there, waiting for an irq
<luckyluke>and also booting a ramdisk still seems to hang after a while, I don't know why.
<luckyluke>At least it reaches the point where /usr/libexec/runsystem is started