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<youpi>luckyluke: nice work! It looks good overall, I'll have a closer reviewing look, probably tomorrow evening
<damo22>great to see so much work being done!
<damo22>i will try smp again tonight
<luckyluke>youpi: Ok thanks!
<gnu_srs>Hi, any ideas which program is in charge after: start ext2fs: Hurd server bootstrap: ext2fs[device:hd0s1] exec startup proc auth.
<gnu_srs>Having problem booting a crashed and disk-checked cross-compiled Hurd image. Maybe it just became a new brick?
<p4r4D0xum>gnu_srs: Have you tried look at the boottrace?
<gnu_srs>Thanks for the link. Not easy to follow up on though. Seems like ext2fs.static issues: start ext2fs: ... And neither of scripts rc or runsystem are executed.
<luckyluke>this also might be useful, although maybe not 100% up to date
<luckyluke>there seems to be some debug switches for /hurd/startup and similar, but I still have to find out where to enable them
<luckyluke>except for recompiling the binaries :)
<p4r4D0xum> luckyluke: portage!