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<hatred_45>How much % amd64 are done on Hurd?
<damo22>binutils was ported recently?
<damo22>youpi: hi, is hurd built with libacpica in debian currently?
<damo22>ive rebased and im compiling rumpkernel with a change to allow acpi irq to be detected
<damo22>(with fallback to old irq)
<damo22>gdb 12.1 nice
<damo22>or is it 10.1
<youpi>damo22: it is built with it, yes
<damo22>ive seen flavioc going to town with patches, nice work
<damo22>i need to find time to work on smp
<damo22>i think you reviewed some time ago and i lost momentum
<gnu_srs>Hi, need some help setting up password, su etc with or W/O shadow support, see some stuff at:
<gnu_srs>Could not pate the whole rpctrace session since the site thinks it contains spam!