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<flavioc>luckyluke: thanks!
<darkfrogu>thank you lol
<darkfrogu>also where is the github repo?
<damo22>darkfrogu: github is not recommended for free software
<damo22>upstream gnu/hurd is hosted on
<darkfrogu>why is github not recommended for free software?
<damo22>i think because its issues and stuff require non-free javascript and some parts of the site are proprietary
<darkfrogu>a open source software website not fully open source??
<damo22>"open source" is not equivalent to Free Software
<darkfrogu> this it?
<damo22>yes, this is a nicer way to browse it
<darkfrogu>wow i wonder what this will look like in 5 years. all the stuff people will make
<damo22>if we get SMP working, 64 bit and more drivers, it will surely take off
<darkfrogu>mhm. i remember hearing abour hurd once
<darkfrogu>i think like distrotube mentioned it before
<Zopolis4>for hurd to take off we need bare-metal capacity
<damo22>yes, so SMP and 64 bit are priority
<slex>hello guys, i need a little help, and i have to write here because is the only Mach community actually. I'm going forward with my toy project, that the main goal is system programming learning
<slex>I'm writing my first server on top of the old Mach4, that still uses libmach. I'm having problems linking it with libmach_c, where i have a simple prijtf implementaion. I use gcc 2.7. While in the bootstrap server code there are non problems. I'm pretty sure i'm doing something wrong with makfiles and gcc options.
<slex>Here the build output and the makefile.
<slex>ftell is in the libmach_c too
<azeem>(that might take a while to get an answer for)
<youpi>(actually I'm not sure anybody will be able to answer, the files and function you mention don't exist in gnumach)
<slex>ok no problem, in someway i wil lget it linked
<damo22>slex: -lmach_sa -lmach_c -lmach_exec -lthreads <--- order of linking perhaps?
<slex>usually is, also because before this problem i had another problem. the linker was not finding the the exit function called by the crt0. changing the order fixed the problem. How i can learn the linking order?
<slex>damo22, in the while i try
<damo22>im not sure, but try
<slex>yup, changing the order the output changed, it find my printf, now it doesn't find things in lmach_sa, so probalby, still playing around the order...
<slex>damo22; built! ty!
<slex>i wanna learn more how linker links stuff so i don't fall anymore in this things, that are a bit trivial
<slex>some docs?
<damo22>try the manual
<slex>ty, hope theire is written somewhere how to understand the linking order. from nm: 08048300 T printf
<slex>08048240 t printf_char
<slex>080483e0 T printf_init
<slex>08049800 t printnum
<tricon>howdy, darkfrogu.
<darkfrogu>how are you tricon?
<tricon>darkfrogu: doing well. finally started reading various things across the Hurd wiki, including "the critique". curious to dig in and see what i can poke at.
<tricon>how about yourself, darkfrogu?