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<flavioc>has any one tried to boot the 64 bit gnumach using 'qemu-system-x86_64 -kernel gnumach'? I haven't had much luck since it seems like the multiboot header does not appear to be in the right place (grub-file --is-x86-multiboot confirms it). I am using to build the kernel which relies on my gcc 64 bit patches
<luckyluke>flavioc: iirc that only works with linux
<luckyluke>There is an old qemu bug about it
<luckyluke>I used to create a bootable ISO with GRUB on my test scripts
<luckyluke>The last should be this one
<flavioc>luckyluke: thanks, that explains why I can use -kernel for the 32 bit gnumach
<flavioc>luckyluke: do you have your tests scripts available publicly? that would be cool to get started
<luckyluke>I wanted to clean up them and submit to ML,bit I'm progressing slowly...
<luckyluke>Btw, that is my playground branch, so don't expect it to be stable :)