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<gnu_srs1>Thanks. Regarding patches: Neither of the local-* patches are applied to Debian e.g. glibc-2.36-7. And local-no-bootstrap-fs-access.diff does not apply to Upstream glibc-2.36.
<youpi>they are applied
<youpi>just not by dh_quilt_patch, but during the build
<gnu_srs1>How come that not applying any of these patches building Debian glibc.2.36-7, replacing ext2fs.static with that built file, everything is OK (as in Debian)?
<gnu_srs1>The task stuck is ext2fs, with 27 threads.
<youpi>so now you can addr2line the backtrace
<gnu_srs1>I can make local-no-bootstrap-fs-access.diff to apply and rebuild.
<youpi>that looks like git-bootstrap-enable_secure.diff
<youpi>dba88b4f44d80864ec78595526e081ab9b5af278 in upstream
<gnu_srs1>Ok, I'll apply it again and rebuild. What about local-no-bootstrap-fs-access.diff ?
<youpi>if it doesn't apply it probably means it's a debian-only change that triggers the issue
<youpi>you can grep in other patches for changes that are at the same spot
<gnu_srs1>Finally, it boots :)
<gnu_srs1>youpi: Thanks a lot for your help.
<gnu_srs1> any/local-ldso-disable-hwcap.diff introduces local changes reverted by hurd-i386/local-no-bootstrap-fs-access.diff. So that patch is not needed!