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<slex>hello giuys, i have a little question. Actually I'm working on the original Mach4 code, just to rise some skills, i built the old xMach that is Mach4+lites, it works in combination with an old NetBSD 1.0 image I have, old stuffs but still nice seeing them working
<slex>Unfortunately this Mah4 version is old and it reads old bsdlabels. What kind og labels is actually able to read gnumach? It would be a nice place to learn
<slex>With that old labels actually it is unable to access ext2 fs also if it has the support
<AwesomeAdam54321>slex: Did you have to modify the Mach4 code to get it to build?
<AwesomeAdam54321>Sorry, I don't know about the labels stuff but maybe someone else will reply later
<slex>No because i'm building it with gcc2.7 porting to newr compilers would be a next step
<slex>the main problems on modern compilers seem comping from -I- -> -iquote
<youpi>(actually on the long run we will just not use mach's label support, and use plain userland parted)
<slex_>for parted do you mean the partitioning software>
<youpi>yes, which provides a library, which libstore can leverage, for ext2fs to use it
<slex_>this could be the first challenge i couls start. I was reading that old linu_block.c inside original mach4, the device drivers where the "No MACH or BSD labels found"comes from
<youpi>I mean: it's already done
<youpi>it's just not necessarily the default configuration for now
<slex_>youpi, yes is already done in gnumach not in the original mach4 code, that would be a nice challenge for me, or maybe also implementing the new multiboot. My goal is improving my skills in kernel/system programming :P
<slex_>I mean, i'm working with that version of mach that still uses the bootstrap server to run other servers, like the lites sturup server and emulator server
<slex_>really old but funny
<slex_>it is funny this version called xMach. Mach4 starts with the bootstrap server, that runs the startup server and then the lites emulator server, it setups the paging_file for the default pager and then runs mach_init that is just a symbolic link to NetBSD 1.0 init. At that point when the system is booted, i have typical shell and i can run NetBSD 1.0 userland without any difference. Just like i'm using netbsd 1.0. At boot time, to the
<slex_>NetBSD bootloader i can choose to run the NetBSD kernel or Mach4
<slex_>This probalby was wwhat they were calling "Personalities"
<slex_>really fascinating
<Guest22>slex I dont think thats what was called personalities: most probably you could run ms-dos and netbsd app side by side
<Guest22>IBM was planning and os based on mach that could run DOS Windows os/2 and bsd software