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<luckyluke>gnu_srs: are you using your script with the cross-hurd tools built from ?
<flavioc>luckyluke: I have been building a custom hurd from those in the past few days with success and it does use the glibc from git (and most packages are fairly up to date)
<flavioc>however, I did get a bug report that the system fails to boot when using the KVM (which I can reproduce). it seems like grub fails to load the kernel for some reason
<gnu_srs>luckyluke: My scripts are based on flavioc's scripts from 2019. They have now diverged considerably since then. The current ones builds
<gnu_srs>from all latest package releases. Current version of glibc is 2.36. I might try to switch to git as for mig, gnumach and hurd.
<gnu_srs>flavioc: I tried a recent version of your scripts and got stuck at compiling gcc-11.2.0 during the compile stage.
<luckyluke>Ok, I also used the same scripts some time ago, mainly trying to build a ramdisk