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<gnu_srs>Hi again. I replaced ext2fs and ext2fs.static with files from a running hurd. And it boots :) Which of the Debian patches are needed with an up-to-date git hurd?
<youpi>gnu_srs: nothing that I can think of, most debian patches are either already in git, or mostly benign
<youpi>note that it may be a difference in glibc itself
<youpi>possibly there the local-no-bootstrap-fs-access patches are needed with uptream glibc (even if in my memory it was needed only in debian)
<youpi>tg-hooks.diff is not supposed to be useful, but who knows
<youpi>that's all I can think of
<Guest9875>im trying hurd
<Guest9875>is there any games i could play on it?
<Guest9875>i am really curious
<youpi>nethack probably works :)
<youpi>apparently there is a doom clone that works as well
<youpi>more generally you can try any game from the debian distribution, it may already be built
<Guest9875>how i can get back to the tty console
<youpi>it's not implemented yet
<Guest9875>i did startx and de started how can i exit
<youpi>unless you forgot to enable it
<Guest9875>i am so hyped for hurd
<Guest9875>i will make a game engine
<Guest9875>for hurd
<zamfofex>Guest9875: That’s adorable! 🎉 Do you have plans for any Hurd‐specific features or implementation?
<zamfofex>Guest9875: You might be able to play Liquid War (either 5 or 6, maybe even both).
<Guest9875>the game engine will have his own graphics
<Guest9875>in C
<Guest9875>and it will be easy for making games in C
<gnu_srs>youpi: thanks. The version of glibc I use is 2.36, with a few patches applied: git-ip_mreqn.diff, git-net-route.h.diff, tg-mach-hurd-link.diff.
<gnu_srs>But not: unsubmitted-clock_t_centiseconds.diff or any other Debian patches.