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<civodul>hi there!
<civodul>i'm testing a fix where libc's mknodat would set "/hurd/fifo --noblock" instead of "/hurd/fifo", to get the same behavior as on Linux
<civodul>any preliminary thoughts on that?
<youpi>I don't think we want --noblock, that would be against OpenGroup
<youpi>(also, multiplying the discussions medium is definitely not a way to get the discussion coherent)
<civodul>alright let's have a discusssion in the bug tracker if you feel so inclined
<civodul>i hadn't seen any feedback so far, hence a gently ping
<gnu_srs1>Hello, cross-building hurd and booting fails, see
<gnu_srs1>Is anything missing from grub.cfg: like (acpi not built), (rumpdisk not built), (pci-arbiter built but not .static), etc?
<gnu_srs1>mig,gumach,hurd: git, gcc-11.3.0, glibc-2.36
<Pellescours>acpi rumpdisc and pci-arbiter are not required to boot if you are using the linux driver inside gnumach