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<iska>conny2131: you're forgetting hurd is a distributed system, so some level of fakeness (and iirc accounting) is needed.
<iska>and, you should look at the logo to see hurd is about cooperation :p
<gnucode>morning guix!
<gnu_srs1>Hello, current Debian glibc (2.36) has 44 patches. Which of them are committed to upstream? And what is the meaning of git-*, tg-*, local-*, etc?
<gnu_srs1>Maybe a README.patches in the directory: debian/patches/hurd-i386/ would be helpful.
<youpi>git = upstream, tg = in our tree, local = debian
<youpi>contribution welcome to add such a file
<gnu_srs1>Tks, in our tree = salsa? (savannah cgit/hurd/glibc.git does not seem to be updated for a long time)