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<damo22>if he stuck around to hear the answer it would be helpful
<conny2131>I've been looking at the parabola of porting the hurd to another microkernel, I reached the conclusion that it was just an interesting intellectual exercise based on made up premises, would you agree with me?
<conny2131>namely the premise that resource accounting matters
<conny2131>while the history of OS proves that their sole point is to make a virtual environment where every "App" can believe to be in total control of the whole computer without bothering about cooperating
<conny2131>think of UNIX, as an example
<ThinkT510>sounds like you just described containers or virtual machines
<conny2131>processes have a fake virtual address just to don't bother about cooperating in sharing memory
<conny2131>have to access hardware through a ring 0 kernel just to don't bother about cooperating in sharing hw
<conny2131>it's all sold as fake security, of course
<conny2131>like if you cannot inject code in ring 0 it means that you really can't
<conny2131>this has been proven false repeatedly each year thousands of times
<conny2131>as soon as you want to move out from the paradigm 'each app should believe that is in total control', you realize that the hw has been designed for that
<conny2131>virtual machines is the next level
<conny2131>since people started selling shared servers they had to fake that even the kernel is in control
<ThinkT510>you might be interested at looking at how sel4 does capabilities