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<Zopolis4>in an installed hurd system, what is the general location and structure of the device drivers?
<gnu_srs1>Hi, did anybody see this?
<gnu_srs1>(18:50:02) gnu_srs1: Hi, did anybody else have the same problem with openssh (1:9.1p1-1) : ssh -p 5556 localhost
<gnu_srs1>(18:50:02) gnu_srs1: Connection closed by port 5556. Downgrading to 1:9.0p1-1+b2 works.
<gnu_srs1>(18:50:35) gnu_srs1: No Debian bugs reported yet :(
<youpi>you're welcome submitting one
<youpi>it'd probably be useful to check the logs to see if anything is there
<Guest69>Hi all