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***Server sets mode: +nt
<damo22>-chardev socket,id=net0,host=,port=9999,ipv4=on,server=on,telnet=on -monitor chardev:net0
<damo22>kinda handy, then you can telnet to the (qemu)
<damo22>EAX=00000000 EBX=00000000 ECX=00000002 EDX=f484ff80
<damo22>ESI=00000000 EDI=00000000 EBP=00000000 ESP=00000000
<damo22>EIP=ca24393c EFL=00010206 [-----P-] CPL=0 II=0 A20=1 SMM=0 HLT=0
<damo22>it appears that EDX has something resembling expected value of ESP
<damo22>and EIP is crazy high
<damo22>this is occurring exactly when the interrupt 251 happens and is raised on CPU#1
<damo22>it crashes the cpu
<damo22>Pellescours: what were you saying about the stacks
<Pellescours>I was saying that tss is populated with local static array variables, I was wondering if there was a chance of corruption by another cpu or if the variable is unique per method call and so per cpu
<Pellescours>There is a comment at the top of ktss.c saying that task switch is not used and TSS is used only to hold the current kernel thread pointer for the current thread
<damo22>im pretty sure the stack switching code is borked in locore.S
<damo22>hehe it switched to 0 stack and tried to push a value below the edge of memory