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<Zopolis4>oh also i still have no idea how to expand a partition in fdisk the manual says nothing about it, and all the guides just tell me to make a new partition
<damo22>mark its start position, then delete the old one and create a new one with the same start, and larger end
<damo22>it doesnt touch the data, it just creates an entry in the table
<Zopolis4>oh ok cool thx
<Zopolis4>it tells me partition 2 contains an ext2 signature in an ugly red and asks me if i want to remove the signature
<Zopolis4>should i remove it?
<Zopolis4>ok yeah thx everything seems good now
<Zopolis4>mk looking like it fails to boot on account of:
<damo22>change it to sd0
<damo22>in grub
<damo22>its when you swap ide/sata in qemu
<damo22>the disk numbering gets out of whack
<Zopolis4>i didnt use qemu tho
<Zopolis4>anyways where is the grub config? /boot/grub?
<Zopolis4>or /etc/grub.d/10_hurd
<damo22>youre better off entering grub on the running system, edit it live before it boots, then when youve got it working, just run sudo update-grub inside the machine
<Zopolis4>how do i run a system before it boots
<damo22>it boots grub before the system
<Zopolis4>is there like a key i press to stop it or something
<damo22>you probably need GRUB_TERMINAL=console in /etc/default/grub
<damo22>esp if youre running coreboot
<Zopolis4>nvm i forgot about the way grub works
<Zopolis4>anyways as it stands its set root='hd-49,msdos2'
<Zopolis4>should i change that?
<damo22>not that one
<damo22>in the multiboot command
<Zopolis4>ah yeah
<Zopolis4>yeah that worked
<Zopolis4>sort of
<Zopolis4>now its failing because the swap is not working
<Zopolis4>oh wait
<Zopolis4>its the same issue as before isint it
<Zopolis4>nvm i cant find another hd0 within the grub config anywhere
<damo22>ive got APs running but when i try to reload the descriptor tables they crash
<damo22>youpi: my smp kernel gets to an interesting point, the APs are sitting in a tight loop just before slave_main() and the BSP almost boots the system but gets stuck on an interrupt or something
<damo22>its really difficult to figure out why it crashes when i let the APs go into slave_main
<damo22>i cant seem to get into kdb
<damo22>perhaps i can trigger a trap?
<youpi>I don't know if kdb can work in smp
<youpi>perhaps better use gdb outside ?
<damo22>BSP: Completed SMP init
<damo22>{cpu0} ../i386/i386/mp_desc.c:461: start_other_cpus: Assertion `cpu == 0' failed
<damo22>.Debugger invoked: assertion failure
<damo22>Kernel Breakpoint trap, eip 0xc1025f54
<damo22>Stopped at Debugger+0x13: int $3
<damo22>i made it assert from the AP as well and it crashed
<damo22>but asserting from BSP works
<youpi>possibly the traps are not properly set up on the AP
<Pellescours>damo22: isn’t there missing a sizeof here ? I think it should be "sizeof(_mp_desc)"
<Pellescours>forget what I said
<civodul>i noticed that the Hurd would fail to boot when run with QEMU -enable-kvm on an AMD EPYC CPU
<civodul>(the kvm-amd Linux kernel module)
<civodul>everything's fine if i remove -enable-kvm
<civodul>(or run the same thing on an Intel CPU)
<civodul>does that ring a bell?
<Pellescours>try to not use cpu=host to see if that works?
<civodul>that doesn't make any difference, but then again it's an x86_64 CPU
<civodul>i tried --cpu pentium3, to no avail
<Pellescours>do you have an error message? does it reboot without no message? It can be a kvm bug on AMD cpu, if that was a AMD specific feature that make it incompatible with the current gnumach then the -cpu pentium 3 would have fix it
<Pellescours>"fix", I mean make it running
<civodul>no error message: the startup process just hangs after starting ext2fs and before starting exec
<civodul>in kdb, i can see that only ext2fs is running, with a bunch of threads
<civodul>some stuck in guix-build-glibc-cross-i586-pc-gnu-2.33.drv-0/build/mach/mach_msg_trap.S:2
<Pellescours>damo22: I’m looking the intel documentation, and for start AP, after having enable lapic spurious_vector, they setup the Local Vector Table (LVT3), do you know what is it?
<Pellescours>It seems to be lvt_error in lapic
<Pellescours>Note: this lvt_error should also be configured in BSP in theory