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<damo22>Pellescours: do you get into kdb?
<damo22>as you can see, with this commit the APs are sitting in a tight loop
<damo22>it does not page fault here
<damo22>i set up the exception handlers with ap_idt_init() but maybe the interrupt stacks are not configured correctly?
<damo22>youpi: i think i set up GDT, IDT but not LDT or KTSS on the APs
<damo22>i think the problem is the stack_start is a temporary address
<Pellescours>no I just tested quickly i din't had enough time yesterday
<damo22>no worries, there are bugs i am fixing now
<damo22>the stacks are broken
<damo22>i think something is out of order, the gdt table gets patched by another function but gets loaded before it was patched
<damo22>ahh the address of the gdt table is sitting in a different cpu's interrupt stac
<damo22>what a mess
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