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<llp-devr>Is there any effort to use seL4 or another mikrokernel???
<jab>llp-devr: not really.
<jab>i'll send you a link in a second
<jab> "However, by that time the developers concluded that microkernel design and system design are interconnected in very intricate ways, and thus trying to use a third-party microkernel will always result in trouble."
<jab>So, if the kernel developers decide to replace mach, they will probably try to write a mach-like microkernel from scratch. :)
<jab>there are currently no plans for that, but there is x15
<llp-devr>I've been following things between 2004 and 2006. I saw some new projects and how fast they did them (like Rodox). I was thinking about if there was any effort to do something with "GNU Mach" over "seL4"
<llp-devr>They are doing that with Linux to replace just some parts, like network stack.
<jab>as far as I know, the Hurd is not using L4 is any way. We tried moving hurd to be on top of l4, but it didn't work.
<jab>we (please...I was not involved).
<jab>I am just an enthuisiast.
<llp-devr>The point with L4 is that it was unsafe for Hurd, and (as I can get it), they tried to do something new, since there are problems on Hurd design...
<jab>I don't know about problems with the hurd design...but it did assume it was running on mach.
<damo22>llp-devr: the only problem i know of in gnu mach is from someone who told me that memory can be starved of a hurd system by any user doing mallocs
<damo22>but i think anyone hogging all the memory is usually a problem on any system
<damo22>perhaps gnumach can enforce quotas
<damo22>eg, number of pages per user
<damo22>im not sure
<Zopolis4>ok so uh
<Zopolis4>given that hurd wont boot off of like anything external
<Zopolis4>i have removed the hard drive from the system
<Zopolis4>its a 2.5i sata thing or whatever
<Zopolis4>how do i put hurd on this
<Zopolis4>when i power up the drive and boot into windows it lists as if I had navigated to the C drive
<damo22>Zopolis4: you could attach it to qemu and format it inside the hurd installer
<damo22>do you have a usb->sata dongle?
<Zopolis4>whats the fastest hurd installer? (i.e netinst/regular/something else)
<damo22>netinst stable
<damo22>but you need to use ide not ahci
<damo22>otherwise the cd wont work
<damo22>as in the emulation
<damo22>another option you could dd the img to the disk
<damo22>and then grow the partition and the filesyste
<Zopolis4>so ports/stable/hurd-i386/iso-cd/debian-hurd-2021-i386-NETINST-1.iso then? iso-dvd doesn't offer a NETINST
<damo22>Zopolis4: did you see the other option? dd the working image to the disk?
<damo22>might be quicker
<Zopolis4>oh just /ports/stable/hurd-i386/debian-hurd.img?
<damo22>no the one from the topic link
<damo22>disk image:
<damo22>tar -xf img.tar.gz
<damo22>then dd that to the disk
<damo22>(be careful with dd if you get the disk id wrong you fry your machine)
<Zopolis4>this is wsl, so the stakes are lower
<Zopolis4>i think
<Zopolis4>maybe wsl can still write to the c drive with unlimited power
<damo22>i have zero knowledge of windows
<damo22>i hope to keep it that way
<Zopolis4>fair enough
<damo22>btw you may need to extend the partition or create a new one on the disk
<damo22>to use all the space
<damo22>but the gnumach disk driver cant access offsets larger than 512*2^28 or something
<damo22>rumpdisk can
<damo22>for development i suggest keeping the partitions lower than 128GB offset
<damo22>Zopolis4: ^
<Zopolis4>should i dd first then mess with partitions?
<damo22>yes because the existing partition table is in sector 0
<damo22>as well as some stage0 grub thing
<damo22>Zopolis4: how are you going?
<Zopolis4>windows problems
<damo22>switch to GNU
<Zopolis4>working on that
<damo22>i want to switch from GNU/Linux to GNU/Hurd one day
<damo22>maybe i can put hurd into flash??
<gnu_srs>youpi: socat debian bug #1020919
<youpi>got the cc yes
<Zopolis4>ok image written
<Zopolis4>dd4windows is very slow
<Zopolis4>would i be able to expand the partitions with the hard drive in the machine in any way?
<Zopolis4>i ask because id have to use mingw tools for this because wsl has no block drive acess or admin, and mingw tools dont play nicely with rawwriting external drives
<damo22>you can do it inside hurd
<Zopolis4>ok cool
<Zopolis4>lemme put the disk back in the machine and lets see how it goes
<damo22>it probably wont boot on native hw
<damo22>use it with qemu
<Zopolis4>ok so theres still a windows partition somewhere
<Zopolis4>in windows the disk is listed as 100mb healthy efi system parition, then 297gb raw in a healthy basic data partition and then 509mb in a healthy recovery partition
<Zopolis4>which one is the windows partition?