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<damo22>use sudo
<bo>That was already within 'su'
<youpi>bo: su alone doesn't change PATH
<youpi>you need to use su -
<youpi>(or sudo -i )
<bo>Wow, that worked! Thanks youpi!
<gnu_srs>youpi: mahler is up and running again
***bo is now known as _bo
<youpi>gnu_srs: thanks !
<gnu_srs>Hi, trying to build cmake I get the following error:/usr/bin/ld: warning: libCMakeLib.a(cmGlobalGenerator.cxx.o) has a section extending past end of file
<gnu_srs>out of memory allocating 4293994985 bytes after a total of 580595436 bytes but the buildd log on mahler (10 days ago) shows a test failure. What changed?
<gnu_srs>I intended to look at the test failure but got the above instead?
<youpi>since it's ld that spits the oom, that's probably binutils that changed
<youpi>gnu_srs: I have given back cmake to see whether it'd get the same issue, it didn't and the testsuite now passes, I don't know why
<Pellescours>with rumpdisk grub-install fails, it is not able to find the partition
<Pellescours>I tried with -v to have the full logs, I’m able to understand approximatively where it need to be patch, but I don’t know how
<youpi>just to make sure, which version of grub2-common do you have?
<Pellescours>last messages are "cannot find the partition of `/dev/wd0s2'" and then "Cannot find a GRUB device for /dev/wd0s2. Check your"
<Pellescours>I saw that it’s grub_util_get_grub_dev (or a sub-function of it) that need to be patched